TMS: Translation memory & term base

Don't save confirmed segments in TM automatically after running the QA

The translations (in already-confirmed segments) have been saved in TM (without re-confirming the segments) just when running the QA check.

When using the QA feature, the confirmed segments are automatically saved in the TM with Write mode enabled.

Current behavior:

  • All confirmed segments on the file were saved to the TM.

Requested behavior:

  • Noting should be saved to that new TM.

Use case:

Usually, a complete (translated) job contains two types of confirmed segments: segments applied with 100% or 101% matches from existing TM and newly translated segments.

When reviewing the translated job, The linguist often refer to the TU (translation unit) information (date created/modified and translator) in the TM on the CAT pane.

However, if all confirmed segments in the job are saved into the TM (WRITE mode) when the QA is run, the TU information in the TM will be overwritten by the date of the QA and the translator who ran the QA.

This is inconvenient.

The TU information should indicate the date the translation was created/modified and the translator who translated (or the date the translations are imported using the import feature), not the date the QA was performed.



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