TMS: Translation memory & term base

Add option to disable automatic number replacement in TM matches

Current behavior: When a source segment is similar to a match stored in the translation memory, but has different numbers, those numbers are automatically replaced in the target match displayed in the CAT pane, according to the new ones in the segment to be translated. 

Requested behavior: Add an option to manually enable/disable the automatic number replacement. 

Use case: This would allow displaying actual TM matches, and would help save time in checking if automatically replaced numbers are correct. It would also be useful to generate track changes reports to check which edits were applied to the TM.



  • Hello Martina,

    Thank you for posting this request. Indeed, this feature would allow us to pre-translate a document from a TM and generate a tracked changes report. This is useful to show our clients how many changes happened in a file between what they've just sent us and what we got in our TM. With autocorrections ON we actually can't see those changes as the matches are autocorrected. So being able to switch ON/OFF these autocorrections would be great.

    Thank you!

  • Please add that functionality! I hate it when there are many codes in a line and MemSource picks completely random numbers and replaces them with whatever it feels like.

  • Hi,

    I used memsource to translate from English into Japanese. The replacement of number did not work as I expected.
    could you please consider to implement this feature for English into Japanese as well?
    I found that the feature work for English - German, thus, this could be specific to Japanese.


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