TMS: Translation memory & term base

Add "last modified" field to TMs page

Please add an additional field on the Translation Memories view page that shows each TM Last updated/modified date.



  • Ahmed-AbdelBaset Isn't it the same as this request? If not, can you please share a bit more info?

  • Petr Zadavatel No it's not the same, The customer needs to know when each memory is last updated, So he would like the attribute "last updated" to be added with the translation
    memories view page.

  • Yes, that is correct, and that is something Trados does. They even tracked who last used the TU. 

    This is useful when cleaning a TM.  You could arbitrarily decide that any TU who hasnt been leveraged in a document in over xx months is "old" and could be deleted.  This is just an example.

    For example, here is a TMX from SDL Trados GroupShare:

    <tu creationdate="20141112T155108Z" creationid="some name" changedate="20211008T161106Z" changeid="sa" lastusagedate="20151029T214302Z">
    <prop type="x-LastUsedBy">some other name</prop>

  • So, I do support the creation of a field to track when the TM was last modified.  I think that is valuable.

    What I would also like to support is adding a timestamp in the tooltip for the "last import" because as an Admin, I find that it would be really useful to know when a mass import was done into my TM.  I will create a separate feature request for this, but it is related.


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