TMS: Project & job management

Add option to propagate translation from lower step when higher step is edited/confirmed

Current behavior:
When a segment is confirmed in a workflow step, it is propagated to a higher workflow step. As long as it remains unconfirmed and unedited, changes to that segment are propagated from the lower workflow step. Once the segment is edited or confirmed in the higher workflow step, changes from the lower workflow steps are not propagated.

Available workaround:
Pre-translate the edited/confirmed segments in the higher workflow step from a TM to automatically display changes applied (later) in a lower step.

Requested behavior:
Add an option to allow translation propagation from lower steps even if the higher step has been edited and/or confirmed. 

Use case:
This could be useful if a Linguist/Vendor assigned to a lower step needs to apply some changes when the main translation workflow is over, and these changes need to be propagated to the other steps. 




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