TMS: Editors

Add option to display and edit TM Note metadata from Editor

Current behavior:
Note is an external TM metadata, not officially supported and therefore not displayed/editable in the CAT pane.

Requested behavior:
Once the Note metadata is fully supported through this request, display it in the CAT pane and make it available for editing directly from the Editor.

Use case:
This would be useful to add additional metadata to TUs and edit them directly while translating.



  • I agreed because in SDL Trados, there is the feature to add custom value (like Validated by  XXX, not Validated) in TM which then can be shown in TM pane so the translators can see it and use it.

    As ICR review, ICR will not have enough time to do review in all files. So some reviewed files is more important than others. It is not convenient to create multiple TMs in such situation. Adding a custom label or desription will be good enough.

  • We've been eagerly waiting for this feature to return. This was standard functionality for quite a while in Memsource before it was removed in favor of adding various additional fields that can only be edited in the web interface.

    This isn't just very frustrating because it makes lot harder and slower to add notes, it also effectively blocks this feature for many linguists. All of our linguists can add terms, but not all of them are allowed to edit existing terms (because normally this is only reserved for reviewers who handle the Revision step). The way the Note field works now means it's only available as part of term editing, not term adding, meaning linguists who want to add a term but aren't reviewers literally can't add the Note at all!

    To put it simply, this is very bad for our workflow. We're now forced to give all linguists TB editing rights (which means editing user profiles that were created in the past without the "can edit all terms in TB" checkbox being ticked), or have TBs that are missing critical information (working with video games, 9 out of 10 times you absolutely want terms to be commented, and there are hundreds of terms per project).


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