TMS: Editors

Introduce new filtering options for text in Editors

Current behavior:
When filtering for source or target text in the Editors, there aren't specific filters for example for "does not contain" or "is equal to", "begins with", etc.

Available workaround:
Use the Editor for Desktop and apply some regexps to manually create similar filters to search for desired strings.

Requested behavior:
Introduce new filters which allow searching text strings based on the following criteria:

  1. Does not contain
  2. Equals
  3. Begins with
  4. Ends with
  5. Does not end with
  6. Does not Begin with

Use case:
This would allow having a more refined search and avoid the need for knowing regexps/downloading the Editor for Desktop.


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  • I fully agree. It would be best if these were individually available for source and target.


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