TMS: Editors

Add the option to disable “Pre-translate after the jump” for users

Current behavior:
In both editors, there is an option in Tools → Preferences → CAT tab to Pre-translate after the jump. Every user can enable/disable it, but there is no option for Project Manager to disable it for all users in the project or in general settings.

Requested behavior:
Add an option in general settings and in the project settings to disable Pre-translate after the jump option for all users.

Use case:
Project Manager does not want to strip the users of MT, NT or TM suggestions, but he/she does not want to force them to use it/edit it rather than create their own translation.



  • Fantastic suggestion, Martin, this would be really helpful, as it would enable translators to let their own creativity out to play and only look at the MT suggestion if they are completely stumped.

  • Yes, please. I never use MT and I find it quite annoying. ^__^


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