TMS: Editors

Find and Replace should recognize a regular space from a non-breaking space

Current behavior:
Find and Replace does not recognize a regular space from a non-breaking space. If you search for non-breaking space, you will find both. If you try to replace something with non-breaking space, you insert a regular space only.

Requested behavior:
Find and Replace recognize the difference between a regular space and a non-breaking space. You will find or replace only the type of space you need.

Use case:
The user could quickly replace or insert non-breaking spaces between a value and a unit. For example “80 kg”, “180 cm”, etc.

Ideally, this feature should be extended to as many whitespace characters as possible that can be implemented with a reasonable effort.



  • I was about to submit a similar feature request, but yes... the ability to differentiate regular whites spaces from non-breaking (a.k.a no-break or unbreakable) spaces would be very appreciated for those of us who need to work with both on a regular basis.

    Even MS Word has a special wildcard search code for non-breaking spaces (^s) 

  • This is extremely annoying when I need to replace ordinary spaces with non-breaking spaces in bulk. It seems the only way to do it is to export the document to Word, Trados or memoQ and do the replacement there. Very unprofessional that Memsource can't handle such a simple feature.


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