Create a Project

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To create a project, follow these steps:

  1. From the Projects page, click New project or click the plus new_template.jpeg icon beside Projects in the left hand navigation panel.

    The Create page opens.

  2. Provide a name, required languages and a due date.

    If a project template has been created, select the template and these fields will be populated with information from the template.

    Target languages can be removed only before importing jobs, TMs or TBs that are associated with that language, including jobs in the recycle bin.

    When creating a project without a template, settings (such as the default file import settings) will be based on the Project settings section of the Settings page. Subsequent changes in a project template or the main Settings page will not affect the settings of existing projects.

  3. Provide any required project metadata (client, domain, subdomain, cost center, business unit, note, purchase order#) or optionally a custom metadata field and click Settings.

    The next project settings page opens.

  4. Click through the settings pages and apply any requirements.

  5. Click Create project.

    The page for the new project is opened.

Click Edit to open the Edit project page and make changes.

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