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CAT Editor (TMS)

Content is machine translated from English by Phrase Language AI.

The CAT editor is where linguists perform translation activities on assigned jobs and can manage the job status from the Document menu. Assigned jobs are listed in the and can be downloaded from there.

For training resources, see our webinars (registration required) or find a certified trainer.

There are two versions with identical CAT functionalities:

The editor features standard functions such as text filtering Ctrl+Shift+F, find and replace text Ctrl+H, spellchecking F7 (for supported languages), and auto-complete and depending on settings, adding terms. If not restricted by an administrator, jobs can be downloaded from the Document menu in bilingual .DOCX or .MXLIFF formats.

The mobile app has limited functionality and will be deprecated as of October 31, 2024.

The editor is divided into working areas, or panes:

If reference files are associated with a project, they will be indicated by a paper clip paperclip.png in the resource status indicators.

Appearance Preferences

To set appearance preferences such as color themes and font sizes, follow these steps:

  1. From the menu Jobs_view_column_settings.png, select Preferences.

    The Preferences window opens.

  2. Select the Appearance tab.

    Available options:

    • Theme (CAT web editor)

    • Language

    • Translation table

    • Hidden characters

    • Origin color of MT suggestions Origin color of NTs

      • Default: The purple origin color for MT and NT backgrounds is used (irrespective of score).

      • Score-based: The coloring is based on score for MT and NT; green (101/100), orange (fuzzy).

    • Panels

  3. Select required options and click Save.

    Appearance preferences are saved for the editor.

Misc Preferences

To set Misc preferences, follow these steps:

  1. From the menu Jobs_view_column_settings.png , select Preferences.

    The PREFERENCES window opens.

  2. Select the Misc tab.

    Available options:

    • Auto-complete

    • Instant QA

    • Multiple instances of the Editor for Desktop (Editor for Desktop only)

  3. Click Save.

    Misc preferences are saved for the editor.

Status Bar

The status bar at the bottom of the editor provides metadata related to word counts, user modifications, and the source file name. User information displayed is based on project settings.

  • Segments

    • Total number of segments/confirmed segments.

  • Words

    • Total source words/confirmed source words (For CJK languages with no space between words, the number of words will equal the number of characters excluding punctuation marks).

  • Chars

    • The first set of numbers is the total source characters/confirmed source characters. The second set is the character count for the source/target in the selected segment.

A detailed word count including 100% matches, fuzzy matches, etc., is provided by an analysis from within a project.

Editor Resource Status (TMS)

The resource status indicators provide information about if and how the editor is connected to translation resources.

The indicators are presented in the bottom right of the Editor for Desktop and the top right of the Editor for Web.

Common error messages

No connection (Editor for Desktop)

  • Ensure the server address (, or the one provided by the Project Manager) is correct.

  • Check the proxy settings.

  • Check your Internet connection.

  • Use Winmtr (free download for Windows) to check the route from your computer to our server. Ensure your ISP is not re-routing your connection via too many servers and slowing it down.

Invalid username and/or password (Editor for Desktop)

  • Check your username and password.

    Try to log in to your Linguist Portal with the same credentials.

    If password is forgotten, create a new one.

Unknown Error (Editor for Desktop)

  • Lost connection to the server. Check internet connection.

Login is Green but All Other Indicators are Red (Editor for Desktop)

  • User profile was deactivated by the PM.

Server not responding (Editor for Desktop)

When trying to Run QA checks.

  • Check the login indicators.

    Alternatively, upload a file to the server (click on Document and selecting Upload to server), and check the error message in the bottom right-hand corner.

Other errors (CAT desktop editor)

Error Log

  • The editor saves a log file on your local disk.

    Look for a folder .phrase, subfolder logs.

    In Windows, this can be located in C:\Users\your Windows username\.phrase\logs

    On Mac, it is in /Users/username/.memsource/logs (.memsource is a hidden folder, the shortcut SHIFT + CMD + . can display it).

    If contacting support, attach this log to the request.

You are not authorized to access this job

  • The job was removed from the server by the Project Manager (PM)—contact the PM.

  • The job was assigned to another Linguist—contact the PM.

  • You are trying to access a job using an incorrect username (if you have more than one).

TM, TB, or MT are Gray

  • They are not attached to the project in question. This could be intentional—contact the PM if unsure.

Error at 95% (or 97%)

When Uploading the Translation: Error at 95% (or 97%), Unable to upload translation— Access denied.

  • Job not accepted - Go to Linguist Portal and change the status.

  • The job is set to Completed—access no longer allowed. Contact the PM.

  • The job was assigned to another Linguist. Contact the PM.

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