CAT Editors

CAT Pane (TMS)

Content is machine translated from English by Phrase Language AI.

The Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) pane CAT_pane.png displays segmented source text alongside matches from translation memories, term bases, and machine translation after pre-translation. Non-translatables are also displayed.

Double-click a suggestion or use CTRL+Number to apply it to the target text. CAT results can also be moved using CTRL+ArrowDown and CTRL+ArrowUp. To insert the currently selected suggestion to the target segment, use CTRL+Space.

To see more information about a segment in the lower window, click on the segment in the CAT pane.

Hovering over information in the bottom window provides more detail.


If a target language Term has a Note or Usage information, it is tagged with an asterisk (*).

CAT Result Ordering

CAT results are displayed in the following order and are color coded:

  1. Light green - Best translation memory, non-translatable or machine translation suggestion based on the score.

  2. Orange - Term base items (If there is a preferred term it will be placed at top.)

  3. Salmon - Translation memory, non-translatable, or machine translation suggestion based on scores.

  4. Light purple - Machine translations (with no QPS score).

  5. Grey - Sub-segment TM (S).


Translation Memory Matches

  • 101% - An in-context translation memory match.

    A greater than a 100% match indicates the context also matches what is saved in the TM.

  • 100% - An exact translation memory match.

  • 78% - A fuzzy translation memory match (anything below 100%).

  • S - A subsegment match.

    If a smaller part of the original text was previously translated as a short segment, the CAT pane will display it even though the match is lower than the threshold set in the Editor's Preference.

  • The downward arrow () indicates TM penalization.

    A project manager can set penalties for low quality TM matches in order to ensure they are reviewed. 100% matches, for example, may be shown as 95% matches.

Term Base Matches

  • TB indicates a suggested term from a term base.

  • TB in grey indicates a New term that has not yet been approved.

  • A term in red indicates a term that has been rejected and should not be used during translation.

When a term is selected, details are displayed at the bottom of the pane. Clicking on Edit source or Edit target, opens the Edit term page.

If a term base contains specific language locales, only terms available for the given locales are offered in jobs matching those locales.


A term base contains FR, FR_FR, and FR_CA.

The job contains only FR_FR.

Only terms available in FR_FR are displayed.

If a term base has a language without locales, terms from this language are also offered also in jobs with a locale.


A term base contains FR.

These terms are suggested for both FR and FR_FR jobs.


A non-translatable (NT) is text that does not require translation. Phrase identifies these texts and suggests them as NTs.

NTs are AI-based; an algorithm working in the background identifies them based on specified criteria. NT segments usually contain characters, symbols, and words that do not need to be translated such as numbers, formulas, code, email addresses, currency, human and product names. As it is AI-based, it is not possible to rule out any inconsistencies as the algorithm identifying the NTs is continuously being improved upon based on gathered data.

Depending on AI accuracy, the NT is either 100% or 99% and are likely to be a segment not requiring translation but should still be reviewed by a linguist.

Display of the NT score in the editor is optional and there are two settings:

  • NT with no score displayed with a white background in the score column and CAT pane

  • NT with score displayed as dash underlined green 100 or orange 99 in the score column and the CAT pane

To see match details:

  • Hover over the underlined score.

  • Click on the match in the CAT pane.

Machine Translation and QPS Matches

Upon clicking on a segment, MT suggestions are triggered in the CAT pane both for the current segment and for its four subsequent segments.

If enabled, the QPS feature enables users to analyze a job and provides a percentage score for machine translation suggestions at the segment level before any post-editing is done.

Quality Scores

Scoring categories:

  • 95 - 100: Excellent

    The highest level of translation quality. Excellent translations are fluent, accurate and stylistically appropriate.

  • 90 -94: Very good

    A high-quality translation with limited room for improvement. Very good translations capture the content of the source and articulate it well in target.

  • 75 - 89: Good

    A good translation of source content, with room to improve the fluency and stylistic expression of the target text.

  • 0 - 74: Poor

    A poor translation may fail to communicate source content with sufficient accuracy and clarity.

CAT Pane Preferences

To set CAT Pane preferences, follow these steps:

  1. Select Preferences from the menu Jobs_view_column_settings.png.

    The Preferences windows opens.

  2. Select the CAT tab.

    Available options:

    • Translation memory (TM)

      Set the Minimum match rate for translation memory matches to be displayed and used for pre-translations.

    • After confirming a segment, jump to the

      Select the desired behavior after confirming a segment.

    • Pre-translate

      • Enable/disable the auto-propagation of repetitions.

        Admins and Project managers can decide if the translations of repeated source text segments are automatically inserted into the corresponding target text segments. They can also choose whether Linguist users can control this setting.

        See access and security.

      • Set pre-translate options to control the behavior of pre-translating the next segment that the user jumps to after confirming a segment.

      • If machine translation is available for a project, Insert MT will pre-translate segments with machine translation when a translation memory match above the minimum specified threshold is not available.

  3. Click Save.

    CAT preferences are saved for the editor.

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