Advanced Analytics (TMS)

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Available for

  • Ultimate and Enterprise plans

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Advanced Analytics is an add-on plan of Phrase Analytics, providing a self-service reporting solution with customizable charts and dashboards to create analytics reports according to business needs.

  • Data is shown in UTC timezone.

  • Data is refreshed daily at 12:00 am UTC+01:00.


Due to continuous improvements, the user interface may not be exactly the same as presented in the video.

Advanced Analytics is accessed from the Phrase Analytics button on the navigation panel. From the Standard Analytics page, select the Advanced tab to display the Self-service reporting page.


The Self-service reporting page shows an embedded version of Metabase, an open-source business intelligence platform, with a homepage including:

  • A navigation sidebar with the following sections:

    • COLLECTIONS, where all personal charts and dashboards are stored.

    • DATA, which lists available data sources.

  • Bookmarks displayed at the top of the navigation sidebar, if any.

  • New button at the top right, enabling users to create a chart (Question), create a dashboard or a new personal folder (Collection).

Personal charts and dashboards can be edited and saved without affecting other users. Customize charts and dashboards by selecting filters, sorting and aggregating data upon creation or edit. Different visualization types (e.g. line, pie, funnel, bar, etc.) can be also applied to charts and dashboards.


Metabase application's version and functionalities available in Phrase Analytics may differ from the latest version and features released by Metabase.

Full documentation about how to use Metabase features available in Advanced Analytics can be found here.

User permissions and data access

Access rights for project manager roles to view advanced analytics charts and dashboards can be set by an administrator in user settings.

Enabled users can access only data belonging to projects created by their own organization. In addition to data points already included in Standard Analytics, the following metadata are also available:

  • Cost centers.

  • Business units.

  • Sub-domains.

  • Project and job owner, status, and due dates.

  • Language locales.

Data reports are available for the past 12 full months, allowing users to have a full year at any point in time.

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