TMS: Project & job management

Add option to import embedded objects in MS Office files

Current behavior:
As explained in the Embedded objects article, embedded objects are images, charts, tables and other forms of media common in documents, spreadsheets and slides (.DOCX, .XLSX, .PPTX, etc.). When included in a file imported for a job, they are marked with a warning  in the jobs table as the content of the object was not processed and will not be included in the text for translation.

Available workaround:
To import the texts from these objects and translate them, locate them in the source file, copy the contents to a new document, and then import this document as a separate job. After the translation is complete, copy the translated text from the embedded files back into the main file.

Requested behavior:
Add an option to import the content of embedded objects into the same job, without the need to export their content and create separate jobs. 

Use case:
This would help reduce pre and post-processing time when working with such files. 



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